The Professional Toastmaster

Welcome to my website. As a Toastmaster I am a presenter and an organiser who has trained at the prestigious United Kingdom School of Professional Toastmasters. I have a quiet but confident manner and exude a positive and pleasant attitude to you and your guests. I will have total commitment to the service you require and I am knowledgeable about protocols and procedures.

I will display an overall dignity, but without too much pomposity, and will uphold traditional values of etiquette and protocol. I will be able to offer advice and consultation on these aspects. I will ensure that your special occasion is even more memorable by my presence and that your guests leave feeling the event was enhanced by the Toastmaster's professionalism.

What exactly does the Toastmaster do?

It has to be said that every event and function is different, even weddings. In order to establish what you require I will visit you well in advance of the occasion. At this meeting I will collect sufficient information to enable me to manage your day to perfection. Please browse through the Functions section for more information about how I can be of assistance.

The Toastmaster is your servant, but hopefully I will come to be regarded as someone always ready to advise and assist you on your special occasion.