Charity and Fund Raising Functions

Some charity event organisers seem unaware that in addition to fundraising it is also essential to give people an enjoyable event to remember. My own experience of running such is that if you can get the mood right and give people a good time it is likely that the amount raised will increase, happy guests are almost certain to donate more freely.

You will have put a lot of planning into your event and want it to be a success but you also want to enjoy it with your guests and not have to worry that it is all going to plan. I will ensure that I am with you at the planning stage to offer friendly suggestions or perhaps ideas that I have seen work well at other events and to give you any guidance you may require on protocol. I will be available right up to the event to assist you with any of the planning process and on the day of the event I will ensure that your plan is followed.

On the day of the event I will ensure that I am at the venue well ahead of time and will do a full walk though to ensure everything is as you wished it to be. I will meet with your team and go though the plan with them so that we all understand what we are doing and when. I will be wearing the traditional toastmaster red coat and will be very visible to you and your guests at all times. I will be there to greet your guests and direct them to the reception area and at the appropriate time call them to dinner. I will say or announce Grace should it be required and will ensure that I am aware of who will be making speeches or toasts, know where they are seated and be prepared to announce them at the appropriate time.

I will run your event in a professional, but light hearted way, and will ensure that raffle and auction proceeds are maximised.

Don't leave it to chance engage my services as your professional toastmaster to manage your charity event.

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